Real-time clinics survey results improving every month

Patient experience scores at Driscoll Children’s Hospital remain a priority, and a new way of measuring patient satisfaction is helping the Patient Relations Department listen to what patients and parents are saying.

“One of the reasons we partnered with Real-time Feedback by NRC Health was so we would have a fair and balanced process to hear the voice of subspecialty clinic patients. The positive response from patients has been overwhelming,” said Evelyn Ferrer, Director of Patient Relations at Driscoll Children’s Hospital.

From Oct. 1, 2017, to July 2018, Driscoll Children’s Hospital has received 7,616 responses from patients seen in subspecialty clinics throughout South Texas, all in real time.

The Clinics Overall Satisfaction Score is 86.8%, exceeding the Fiscal Year 2018 organizational goal of 86.73%.

Within 24 to 48 hours of their visit, patients receive either a text message with a web-based assessment, a phone call using Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR), or an email with a web-based assessment in near-real time.

The outreach takes approximately two minutes, and allows Driscoll to improve the patient experience by collecting feedback and follow through on any remaining service concerns.

Patient feedback is available in provider scorecards and comparison reports, which provide an opportunity to review feedback on key measures, identify outliers and discover opportunities for improving the patient experience. The program enables the rapid resolution of any issues identified where Patient Relations can coordinate additional needs with physicians and their staff if needed.

“Each clinic utilizes the process to gather data to determine their strengths and to identify areas needing improvement. Every single comment is read, celebrated or addressed in real time,” said Ferrer.

“Patient experience is a top priority for them and it shows in all they do. Therefore, I was always confident that the clinics would reach our organizational goal by the end of our Fiscal Year 2018 in August,” she said.