I have grown up here over the years

I am a Driscoll Children’s Hospital employee and have been working there the majority of the last 12 to 13 years. I always heard stories from my mom that I was a patient there when I was a newborn in April 1975. I was born six weeks early at a hospital on Weber Road in Corpus Christi and was about to get discharged when the pediatrician noticed something strange about me and decided to send me to Driscoll. I spent seven days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and three days across the hall preparing to go home, according to my mom. I have a chest-tube scar on my upper left chest to prove it.

I have basically grown up here and have learned a lot of difficult life lessons over the years. A few years back I decided to inquire about my records. After following all of the necessary steps, I was able to look at my records on microfiche. I thumbed through them and was able to read nurses’ notes. I discovered that one of the nurses who took care of me was the wife of one of my coaches from junior high and high school. It’s a small world. This coach made a huge, positive impact on me at a complicated stage in my life and it was really cool to see that his wife had taken care of me as a newborn.

It is safe to say that Driscoll Children’s Hospital is very important to me and I am honored to be an employee. Thank you, Driscoll Children’s Hospital, for what you do. It is quite possible that I would not be here today if not for you.

Submitted by: Jeffrey, Corpus Christi, TX