Driscoll Children's Hospital is named MakerNurse Expedition Site

Driscoll is first hospital in Texas selected for MIT initiative

CORPUS CHRISTI - Driscoll Children's Hospital was recently named one of five hospitals in the United States as a MakerNurse Expedition Site. It is the first hospital in Texas, as well as the first children's hospital in the United States, to be chosen as a MakerNurse Expedition Site.

The MakerNurse Initiative is an effort led by the Little Devices Lab at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to honor the inventive spirit of nurses across America.

After completing a survey and initial interview with one of Driscoll's nurses, leaders from the Little Devices Lab came to Driscoll Children's Hospital to meet with a group nurses from each of the hospital's units. Their goal was to collect stories about what drives Driscoll nurses to innovate. One example came from Driscoll's skin and wound prevention specialist who recalled rolling up a blanket to create positioning devices to better serve her patient. Another story involved thinking of different ways to use wound dressings, which are made for adults, on pediatric patients.

As an expedition site, Driscoll Children's Hospital nurses now have access to a "Technology Crash Cart" that contains many different prototyping tools for innovation such as different molding materials, silicone tape, Legos and other building blocks, popsicle sticks, etc. By examining nurse innovation at Driscoll Children's Hospital and in hospitals across the country, MakerNurse hopes to uncover the behaviors, circumstances and technological drivers that enhance innovation among nurses and identify tools and resources that could help more nurses bring their ideas to fruition and lead improvements in patient care.

Goals of the MakerNurse Initiative:
  • Learn what nurses are already making to solve problems
  • Identify what types of medical technology they would like to make
  • Design resources to help them move forward and realize these ideas
  • Build a community of maker nurses to share what they create

About The Little Devices Lab at MIT
With the belief that innovation and design happens at the frontline of healthcare where providers and patients can invent everyday technologies to improve outcomes, the Little Devices team explores the design, invention and policy spaces for DIY health technologies around the world.

About The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is the nation's largest health-focused philanthropy that has worked to improve the health and healthcare of all Americans for more than 40 years. By partnering with a diverse array of organizations and individuals, it is the foundation's hope to build a culture of health that will enable all Americans to live longer, healthier lives now and for generations to come.

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