Special Guests and Visitors

Thank you for your interest in visiting our patients and families at Driscoll Children’s Hospital. To ensure the well-being and privacy of our patients, we keep the best interests of our patients in mind as we schedule our special guests and visitors. We appreciate your support and generosity.

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Please read through the information below in order to provide a positive experience for you, our patients and their families.

  1. Please review the guidelines below.
  2. If your group or organization meets the criteria in the guidelines, complete and submit both the Special Guests and Visitors Application ( apply online or download form ) and the Confidentiality and Release of Liability Form ( download form ) for consideration. Both forms should be submitted no later than two weeks before the date of the proposed visit.
  3. For questions, please contact the Volunteer Department at (361) 694-5011 or email volunteer@dchstx.org.
  4. Submit the required form(s) in one of the following ways:
    Email: volunteer@dchstx.org
    Fax: (361) 808-2096
    By mail:
    Volunteer Department
    Driscoll Children’s Hospital
    3533 S. Alameda St.
    Corpus Christi, TX 78411


Download Guidelines

  1. Visits must meet the needs of our patients with a specific goal in mind such as an age appropriate activity, toy (see Toy Wish List), book, etc.
  2. All members of the visiting group must be 16 years or older to go into the inpatient units or to have direct interaction with patients and families. Visitors between 16 and 18 years of age must be chaperoned by an adult.
  3. Your group should be no larger than 5 people if you are proposing an activity where you will have direct interactions with patients.
  4. Visits are scheduled for weekdays only and are limited to approximately one to two hours.
  5. Distribution of brochures, flyers, posters, business cards or other promotional material by groups or individuals is against DCH policy. Groups or individuals may not distribute materials with religious or political messages or overtones.
  6. All costumed visitors must be licensed or approved prior to your visit.
  7. Because of patient confidentiality and to protect patients’ and families’ privacy rights, we are unable to disclose information regarding a patient’s reason for hospitalization. Please do not ask staff, volunteers, family members or patients themselves about the reason for their hospitalization.
  8. Due to patient confidentiality, photography is prohibited. Limited photo opportunities can be arranged if discussed in advance. Visitors may not take photographs unless a Driscoll Childrens Hospital Consent and Release Agreement is signed by all people who are to be photographed and given to Driscoll staff before any photographs are taken.
  9. All plans for distribution of items or gifts will be reviewed by Driscoll Childrens Hospital prior to your visit. No food, candy, or beverages may be distributed. Many of our patients are on special diets, and some are not able to eat at all.
  10. Latex balloons and latex products are prohibited.
  11. Please make sure that everyone who visits is not sick and has not had a fever in the last 48 hours or recent exposure to an infectious disease.
  12. Media involvement – If you are planning to alert the media regarding your visit, we must know at least two weeks in advance and reserve the right to approve or deny the request.
  13. Community Service Hours – For high school students and for academic purposes only. Persons requiring service hours must call Volunteer Services at (361) 694-5011 to set an appointment and speak with one of the Volunteer Coordinators for prior project approval for most current needs. See Project Approval Form and Toy Wish List.

Special Guests and Visitors Application

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Note: Maximum 5 people, and each must be over 16 years of age.


Please provide information for an organization you have previously visited, and include the contact person and organization phone number:

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Guidelines Agreement

I have read the guidelines for special guests/visitors visiting Driscoll Children’s Hospital and agree to abide by specified requirements.

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