Toy Wish List (New Items)

Gift guidelines

  • Please call ahead for more direction on donating items: (361) 694-5011
  • All donated items must be new. Patients may have illnesses that make them more susceptible to germs.
  • We do not distribute items that may be perceived as violent (guns, swords, bows and arrows, etc.).
  • Media items must have a rating suitable for all age groups (G or PG and E video games).
  • We cannot accept latex balloons, candy or other food items.
  • All fliers must be approved by Driscoll Children’s Hospital prior to use.
  • Due to privacy, safety and infection control policies, gifts are distributed by volunteers.


  • Pop-up toys
  • Magna Doodles
  • Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars, garage
  • Chunky cars, trucks, trains
  • TOMY, Fisher-Price, Little Tykes toys/Little people
  • Fisher-Price medical kits
  • Wooden peg, cardboard puzzles, box puzzles (24-60 pieces)
  • Disney play figures
  • Don’t Break the Ice, Zingo, Ant in the Pants games
  • Kitchen & Play Food, Workshop & Play Tools
  • Gertie Balls
  • Playskool Busy Ball Popper
  • Wiggly Giggly Balls (Creative Kidstuff)
  • B. Meowsic (electronic keyboard)


  • Bead kits
  • Art sets with good brushes, paints, pastels
  • Logic, Sudoku puzzles, word puzzle books
  • Cribbage boards
  • Chess sets
  • Nail polish, nail design kits
  • Gift cards: $10-$15 – Target, Walmart, Barnes and Noble
  • Handheld electronic games: Yahtzee, Battleship, 20Q, Big Screen Solitaire, Deal or No Deal
  • Sudoku Touch Screen, High School Musical


  • I Spy, Look Alikes, Waldo books
  • Lego sets – small/medium sizes
  • TOMY robots
  • Remote control cars
  • Nail art sets
  • Connect Four, Sequence, Sequence Jr.
  • Barbie and Ken dolls and clothes
  • Uno, Skip-Bo, Phase 10 Card Games
  • 20Q electronic games
  • Jigsaw puzzles (100-200 pieces)


  • Rattles, Fisher Price, Sassy,
  • Light Up & Musical Toys
  • Mirrors Mozart Magic Cube
  • Sound & Lights Aquariums (Fisher-Price)
  • Baby Board Books
  • Melodies & Motion Soothers (Fisher-Price)
  • Toy bars for strollers

Arts and crafts materials

  • Play-Doh – small tubs, tools
  • Washable markers
  • Watercolor paint sets
  • Crayons – regular, jumbo
  • Craft kits, bead kits
  • Fuzzy posters
  • Geometric design coloring books
  • Crayola Model Magic, water color paints
  • Klutz Books
  • Art sketchbooks
  • Window markers
  • Colored pencils, pastels
  • Sticker books, stickers
  • Coloring/activity books
  • Playing cards
  • Paint by number crafts

Other toys

  • Bubbles
  • Portable DVD players
  • Personal CD players
  • Batteries: Size D, AA, AAA, C, D
  • Music CDs – lullaby, children’s songs,
  • Relaxation music, current pop tunes
  • Sound Story Books


  • Micro fill pillows in all colors and sizes
  • Travel size deodorant, body wash
  • Travel size toothpaste & toothbrushes (adult and child)
  • Hairbrushes, feminine products