12 Driscoll residents are now board-certified pediatricians-100% pass rate

CORPUS CHRISTI – In October, all 12 pediatric residents from Driscoll Children’s Hospital who took the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) certification examination successfully passed. They are: Dilachew Adebo, M.D.; Elizabeth Anyaegbu, M.D.; Cherish Lorica, M.D.; Kusuma Madaiah, M.D.; Foram Mankodi, M.D.; Leah Mercado, M.D.; Carolina Molleda, M.D.; Ravi Samraj, M.D.; Martel Samuels, M.D.; Elizabeth “Ann” Thyssen, D.O.; Tharak Yarrabolu, M.D.; and Karen Yulo, M.D. These physicians are now considered competent, knowledgeable, board-certified pediatricians. The residents spent three years training at Driscoll and graduated in June. Nationwide, about 79 percent of first-time takers of the ABP certification examination pass on their first attempt.