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Celebrating the accreditation of Driscoll Children’s Hospital’s Transition to Professional Nurse Program (TPNP) are
                 (from left) Colleen Eaves, Professional Development Coordinator; Leslie Strauss, Professional Development Specialist;
                 Isela Lyerly, Clinical Educator; Jennifer McHorse, Clinical Educator; Teena Sandate-Perez, Clinical Educator; Laura
                 Miranda, Professional Development Specialist; Sacnicte Trevino, TPNP Program Director; Gail Peck, Clinical Educator;
                 Sara Villegas, Professional Development Educator, Non-Clinical; Nancy Rodriguez, Clinical Educator; Karolyn Abbott,
                 Professional Development Educator; Abby McComb, Clinical Educator; and Christine Davis, Director of Professional
                 Development and Practice. (Photo taken prior to COVID-19 pandemic)

                 Transition to Professional Nurse Program

                 accredited with distinction

                 The residency program for graduate registered          patient outcomes.
                 nurses at Driscoll Children’s Hospital was accredited
                 with distinction in 2020 by the American Nurses       • Consumers gain confidence that nurses who
                 Credentialing Center (ANCC).                           successfully complete the RN Residency Program
                                                                        are competent.
                 The ANCC Accreditation Program recognizes the
                 importance of high-quality continuing nursing         • Potential new graduate nurse employees can
                 education, interprofessional continuing education,     expect a quality transition education program when
                 transition to practice programs, and skills-based      they come to work for Driscoll Children’s Hospital.
                 competency programs.                                  “We are proud that the Transition to Professional

                 Driscoll’s Transition to Professional Nurse Program is   Nurse Program at Driscoll Children’s Hospital is
                 the first in South Texas to obtain ANCC accreditation.   recognized by ANCC as one of the highest-quality
                                                                       transition programs for nurses,” said Julie Piña, MSN,
                 What does ANCC accreditation with distinction mean    RN, CNOR, NEA-BC, Chief Nursing Officer at Driscoll
                 for the Driscoll Children’s Hospital nursing program?   Children’s Hospital.

                 • It means that nurses can say they participated in an   “ANCC accreditation gives nurse residents assurance
                   ANCC-accredited RN Residency Program that met       that Driscoll Children’s Hospital offers an elevated
                   rigorous evidence-based criteria.                   transition program with a clear course of instruction
                                                                       and reliable evaluation methods. With ANCC
                 • It assures nurses that Driscoll Children’s Hospital   accreditation, our transitioning nurses gain the skills
                   delivers the highest quality nursing practice       and confidence needed to perform effectively within
                   transition program that will help them improve
                                                                       a new practice setting,” she said.

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