Driscoll designated child abuse Center of Excellence

CORPUS CHRISTI – The Child Abuse Resource and Evaluation (CARE) Team at Driscoll Children’s Hospital has long been valued in the region for diagnosing and treating children who are suffering from physical and sexual abuse as well as neglect. Texas lawmakers at the last legislative session recognized the epidemic of child abuse in the state and made recommendations to identify Centers of Excellence for the care of victims of child abuse. Driscoll has been recognized as one of only eight centers in Texas to receive this designation, and the only one south of San Antonio.

“The designation of Center of Excellence is the first step in building a network of medical providers to recognize, diagnose and treat the children in Texas who have been abused,” said Sonja Eddleman, RN, CA/CP SANE, SANE-A, CMI-III, CFN, clinical coordinator for Driscoll’s CARE Team.

Eddleman also stated that a key component of the designation is that the CARE Team’s medical director, Dr. Nancy Harper, is one of only 12 board certified child abuse pediatricians in the State of Texas.

Driscoll’s CARE Team evaluates approximately 1,700 children each year who have been suspected of being abused, Eddleman said. She encourages anyone who suspects a child has been or may be abused to immediately call the Child Protective Services hotline at 1-800-252-5400 and help protect the small voices in our region.