COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

Special populations and medical issues

Can I get the COVID-19 Vaccine if I just got my flu shot?

Is there a recommended wait time after receiving the COVID vaccine before you seek other immunization?

Are there specific vaccines that should be avoided after the COVID vaccine?

Can I get the COVID 19 Vaccine if I already had coronavirus?

What if I am diagnosed with COVID 19 – can I get vaccinated?

What if I have an immunosuppressed disorder can I get vaccinated?

Is the vaccine safe for pregnant women or breastfeeding moms?

In the news recently, they have mentioned that people with serious allergies should not get the vaccine.

I have multiple drug allergies. Should I take Benadryl prior to vaccination?

What about children?

When will vaccine be available for children?

Will children ever be eligible for COVID vaccination?

Why are some Nursing Homes residents not vaccinated yet?

About the vaccine

What is an mRNA vaccine and how does it work?

Is this a live virus vaccine?

What is the rate of side effects? What are the common side effects?

How effective is the vaccine?

Do we have details of the efficacy and side effects of the two messenger RNA vaccines—Pfizer and Moderna?

Do I have to get the second dose to be protected?

Does the second dose have to come from the same company?

How many people were in the phase III trials?

Are the currently available Covid vaccines anticipated to be yearly or lifelong?

Is the ultra-cold vaccine warmed prior to administration?

Are you able to transmit the disease after your vaccination?

What do we know about other brands of COVID vaccine?

How many days after the second dose do we have to wait to reach the 95% effectiveness level?

What if the second dose is delayed?

Do I have to get my second dose where I got my first?

Should we get an antibody test to assure our vaccine “took”?