Driscoll relocating 3 of 4 Victoria clinics

VICTORIA, Texas – Driscoll Health System is moving three of its four Victoria clinics to a more spacious location in December. The new clinic space will open Jan. 4, 2021.

Currently, Driscoll’s Victoria Quick Care Center, Specialty Center, Cardiology Clinic and Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic are located at 115 Medical Drive, Suite 101.

Victoria Quick Care Center will remain there, but the other three offices will be moving to the Springwood Medical Park, Suite 200, at 106 Springwood Drive, about a half a mile away. 

The new location is a good way to show the residents of Victoria Driscoll’s dedication to offering the best pediatric healthcare available.

“The new facility will provide larger clinic space, easy accessibility and the opportunity to expand services and specialties,” said Armie Norwood, MSN, RN, CPN, CCM, Clinic Operations Manager, Driscoll Children’s Hospital.

“Driscoll Children’s Hospital remains committed to the children and families in Victoria and the surrounding area. We are excited to partner with the community in order to grow our services and continue to offer quality care that helps families remain at or close to home,” said Jeff Panknin, Senior Director, Hospital Based Clinics at Driscoll Children’s Hospital.