Micah and Aiden, 11 month-olds from Corpus Christi, Texas

Double trouble!

These gorgeous twins arrived at DCH in an ambulance, transported by a team of pediatric paramedics. Micah and Aiden were born premature at 26 weeks of gestation, and needed a lot of specialized care. The Neonatologists and pediatric nursing staff at DCH Neonatal Intensive Care Unit were in constant communication with their parents to let them know what was happening, what procedures were going to perform, and also making sure their parents had everything they needed, including emotional support.

After a few months in the NICU, Micah and Aiden’s parents were prepared on how to manage them before they were discharged, along with the confidence that they could call the DCH staff if anything went wrong.

Today, they are growing more and more everyday and visit their doctor every 3 months for check ups. Micah loves to play and cruise around his crib and Aiden likes to rock and watch Little Einstein’s.