Special Sleep Clinic Services

· CPAP clinic with Mask Fitting and Desensitization

· CSE: Coordinated Sleep Evaluation for Traveling Patients

CPAP Clinic

Non-Invasive Ventilation is the cornerstone of non-surgical therapy for patients with Obstructive and Central Sleep Apnea. In the Driscoll Pediatric Sleep Center, we manage patients’ therapies including CPAP, BiPAP, BiPAP-ST, AVAPS, low-flow Oxygen, and Heated High Flow Nasal Cannula.

1- Mask fitting:

a. Our experienced sleep techs work with the patient to find the right mask and size and ensure adequate fit and patient comfort

b. This has greatly improved the patients’ tolerance of CPAP during the ‘CPAP Titration’ studies

c. We revisit the patient’s fit and comfort with their mask at each subsequent CPAP clinic visit


2- CPAP desensitization:

a. Our sleep tech places the patient on a CPAP machine and tries various CPAP levels to assess patient tolerance of the pressure

b. The sleep tech works with the patient on strategies to improve tolerance of pressures

c. If needed, a gradual desensitization plan for home is established with the patient with adequate follow up


3- CPAP Download review:

a. Review of usage date from the patient’s CPAP device

b. This can help identify when a repeat titration study is needed or if the device settings need to be changed


4- Patient’s equipment care and maintenance

a. Our sleep tech inspects briefly the patient’s device for obvious faults and ensures our recommended settings were correctly programmed by the patient’s DME company

b. Our tech reviews device, mask and tubing maintenance care and cleaning with the patient


Successful CPAP therapy requires

- The right Mode of therapy (CPAP vs BiPAP vs …) and the right pressures

- The right interface (Pillows vs Nasal vs Full face masks), right model and right size

- Patient comfort, understanding, adherence, and response to therapy

- On-going follow-up 


In the CPAP clinic, we strive to identify and overcome potential barriers to excellent CPAP adherence.

Coordinated Sleep Evaluation (CSE)

The evaluation and management of significant sleep disordered breathing (Obstructive and Central Sleep Apnea) often requires a combination of sleep clinic evaluation and sleep lab testing (diagnostic sleep study). Patients who ultimately will require use of CPAP also need another sleep study (PAP Titration study) as well as possibly mask fitting and CPAP desensitization in the clinic.


For patients who need to travel to Corpus Christi, particularly from the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo areas, the multiple trips needed may prevent them from accessing adequate evaluation and management of their breathing problems in sleep.


Keeping with Driscoll’s mission of delivering exceptional pediatric healthcare to the children of South Texas, the Driscoll Pediatric Sleep Center is happy to offer Coordinated Sleep Evaluations (CSE) to minimize travel to Corpus for families of such patients.


A CSE is a 2-day and 1- or 2-nights evaluation exclusively for OBSTRUCTIVE and CENTRAL SLEEP APNEA evaluation and management in patients who would need to travel to Corpus Christi:


· Day 1

o Initial Sleep CLINIC consult evaluation

o Diagnostic sleep study (1st night) that same night


· Day 2

o Clinic follow up to review results of the diagnostic sleep study

o Mask fitting and CPAP desensitization – If indicated

o CPAP/BiPAP titration sleep study (2nd night) – If indicated


How it works?

- Your PCP sends us the necessary paperwork to refer you for a CSE at the Driscoll Pediatric Sleep Center.

- We spend some time on the front end to

o Review the chart and determine what testing is needed

o Obtain the necessary prior authorization from your insurance carrier

o Complete the coordinated scheduling of your sleep visits and sleep studies


CSEs are very popular with our patients who travel from the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo areas. This has allowed us to minimize travel and expedite diagnosis and access to CPAP when indicated.


Let your PCP know if you are interested in being referred to the Driscoll Pediatric Sleep Center for a Coordinated Sleep Evaluation.

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