Driscoll COVID-19 update

UPDATE: Test results have come back NEGATIVE on the Driscoll employee who self-reported cold symptoms consistent with COVID-19. The employee does not have COVID-19.

Driscoll Children’s Hospital has learned one of its employees has symptoms consistent with COVID-19. The employee had contact with an individual who had recently traveled in the U.S. and subsequently became a Person Under Investigation (PUI) for COVID-19. Learning this information, the employee removed herself from Driscoll and immediately notified Driscoll Administration and the Health Department.

The employee has been tested for COVID-19; however, test results are not back.

The employee worked one day before developing symptoms consistent with COVID-19.  A day before the employee developed symptoms she had contact with three patients. The families of the three patients have been notified. The Health Department has given direction that the three patients are low risk and should be monitored for symptoms only. No testing has been requested by the Health Department for the three patients.

Driscoll Children’s Hospital has a COVID-19 Task Force in place and is working closely with the Nueces County Health Department and following CDC guidelines.