Parents of Victoria infant thankful for Driscoll Transport Team, PICU

Driscoll Transport Team member Dana Huber, RRT, checks in on Skylar Saenz Jr. at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi. Huber was one of three Driscoll employees who performed life-saving procedures on the infant as he was being transported by the Driscoll Children’s Hospital ambulance from Victoria.

VICTORIA, Texas – The quick actions of a Driscoll Children’s Hospital Transport Team saved the life of a Victoria infant, and his parents couldn’t be more grateful.

On Sept. 17, Paramedic Peter Rodriguez, Registered Respiratory Therapist Dana Huber and Registered Nurse Joel Jackson were dispatched to transport Skylar Saenz Jr., a 16-day-old baby, from the Emergency Department at DeTar Hospital in Victoria. Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the infant could not be transported by helicopter, so the team drove to Victoria in a Driscoll ambulance.

It was on the trip back to Corpus Christi that emergency action needed to be taken, when Jr. became pale, mottled and lethargic. Rodriguez was driving and keeping mom Breanna Burleson calm in the front cab of the ambulance; in the back, Huber and Jackson were intubating Jr. under difficult circumstances.

Jr., who had a heart arrhythmia, was taken to the PICU at Driscoll, where he was placed in the Cardiology Intensive Care Unit (CICU) wing to be put on the ECMO (heart/lung machine) until medications worked to stop the arrhythmia.

Jr., who is doing fine now, was released from Driscoll on Oct. 2.

When Huber came to the PICU to visit Jr., Burleson snapped a photo and posted her thanks on FaceBook.

“Had Dana not made the decisions she did and worked as hard as she did, we would not have had a chance to even make it here to the great doctors at Driscoll,” wrote Burleson on FaceBook.

Breanna Burleson (from left), Skylar Saenz Jr. and Skylar Saenz Sr. checked out of Driscoll Children’s Hospital on Oct. 2. Burleson and Saenz are so thankful for the care their son received from Driscoll Transport Team members and the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit staff.

“Thirty minutes into our two-hour drive, baby Jr. stopped breathing. Dana kept him alive until we got to Driscoll before he coded. I’ll never forget this woman, and baby Jr. will know about her for as long as he lives,” she said.

“Our patient is alive due to the quick-acting responses to the situation this team performed, as well as the PICU staff assisting upon admission. These types of emergency maneuvers are not ideal, but this is what we are trained for,” said Jeremy Goodman, Director of Transport & Outreach Services at Driscoll Children’s Hospital.

“The life of our child we owe completely to the Driscoll PICU team and EMTs. Their hard work and love for Jr. brought him back from certain death,” said Burleson.