Driscoll patients enjoy trip to Spurs game

Rita Vega (front row, from left); Esmerelda Garcia; Jimena Andrade; and AJ Gonzalez; Eric Cuellar (back row, from left); Guillermo Cruz; Ivan Urbina; Pedro Lugo; Maria Lugo; and Diego Cuellar.
Five Driscoll Children’s Hospital patients from the Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Driscoll Children’s Hospital and a parent/guardian attended a Spurs/Knicks game in San Antonio on March 15 as part of a Live Auction package purchased at this year’s Fiesta de los Niños.

The trip was courtesy of Steve and Jessica Johnson, owners of JSJ Services Inc., who have purchased this package since its inception in 2009.

The trip was donated by Holt Cat and the transportation was provided by Harbor Driving.