Driscoll receives $1 million challenge grant!

Steve Woerner, President and CEO, Driscoll Health System (from left), Bill Sterett, Chair of Family Division, Mary D. Clark, Member, Driscoll Governing Board, Co-Chair, futuresbright campaign, Sam L. Susser, Chair, Driscoll Governing Board, Co-Chair, futuresbright campaign, Lenora Keas, Member, Driscoll Governing Board, Paul Daniel Chapa, Member, Driscoll Governing Board, Judge Loyd Neal, Past Chair, Driscoll Governing Board, and Dr. Bob Furgason, Trustee, Robert Driscoll and Julia Driscoll and Robert Driscoll, Jr., Foundation.
Driscoll Children’s Hospital needs the help of all South Texans to make the future bright for its young patients.

Driscoll recently received a $1 million challenge grant from the J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation in Tulsa, Okla., which will be awarded once the remaining balance of the $16 million goal of the futuresbright campaign is reached.

The futuresbright campaign is South Texas’ chance to assist in financing Driscoll Children’s Hospital’s $80 million expansion of its facilities, the largest in 20 years.

“We are extremely optimistic about the future because of the patients and families who inspire us, the thousands of dedicated medical staff, employees and volunteers who serve, and their commitment to Driscoll Children’s mission and work,” said Sam L. Susser, Chair, Driscoll Governing Board, Co-Chair, futuresbright campaign. “We recognize that pediatric care is changing dramatically. We stand at the forefront in meeting new challenges. Philanthropy, in part, allows Driscoll’s reach and impact to continue to grow.”

Such growth is necessary.

“Driscoll Children’s Hospital is growing, and we’re out of room,” said Steve Woerner, President and CEO of Driscoll Health System. “It’s imperative for us to expand the facilities now to better serve the children and families of our community.”

The expansion includes a two-story, 70,000-square-foot North Pavilion that will create a new Outpatient Surgery Center and modernize the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

The pavilion will make way for renovations in other areas of the hospital, including the current Surgical Services Department. The addition of a new central plant and expansion of the current parking garage will strengthen current infrastructure and ease navigation of the hospital. It all will be connected by a bright and cheerful concourse with natural lights and play areas, allowing for a more inviting, child-friendly environment.

In May 2016, Driscoll Children’s Hospital began the silent phase of the futuresbright campaign. With generous leadership gifts, donations and a dedicated commitment from a variety of community and business leaders, the hospital already has surpassed the campaign’s 50 percent mark.

“We have until January 2018 to raise the remaining balance of the campaign. The Mabee Foundation will then award Driscoll the final $1 million gift to successfully exceed our $16 million goal,” said Mary D. Clark, Driscoll Governing Board Trustee, Co-Chair, futuresbright campaign. “The Mabee Challenge is a call for us to unite for a cause so deeply impactful to local children and families, and we can’t do it without the support of the community.”

South Texans are urged to help in various ways.

“We welcome donations in any amount, but we also encourage you to spread the word. By attending upcoming events, sharing social media posts or simply passing along information, you will have helped make significant strides in reaching our goal,” she said.

“This campaign is ultimately about advancing children’s health, and being equipped to provide life-saving care,” said Tom Dobson, CEO of Whataburger and Co-Chair, futuresbright campaign. “Successful campaigns like this bring focus to a shared vision, where as a community, we can offer the necessary support for the dedicated physicians, staff and volunteers who are committed to delivering hope and healing to children.”

The J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation was formed in 1948 by John E. Mabee and his wife, Lottie E. Mabee. It provides assistance to organizations in Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

“We are most appreciative of the good work that goes into caring for children in South Texas. The Mabee Foundation is proud to provide this $1 million challenge to help support Driscoll’s vital work,” said Ray Tullius, Vice Chairman, the Mabee Foundation.

“Philanthropy plays such a critical role in serving children in South Texas, whose parents depend on us to be here when minutes count, when the worst thing imaginable happens, or when the most advanced test or treatment is needed,” said Woerner. “We owe it to our city to be able provide that level of care, and we couldn’t do it without everyone pulling together.”

“During the previous quiet phase of the campaign, Driscoll is grateful for the leadership of our board members and support of our hospital family – board members, physicians, executives, volunteers – and other community leaders, as we worked together toward this grand public launch supporting the best outcomes for children everywhere,” said Martha Avery, Vice President, Development, Driscoll Children’s Hospital. “Our $16 million futuresbright campaign has experienced unprecedented, vital philanthropy. We continue to be humbled and grateful for the outpouring of support from our community.”

To volunteer or donate, visit driscollchildrens.org or call 361-694-6405.