Teen Volunteers

The 2020 Summer Teen Program has been filled. We have reached our capacity with requests for applications.

Exceptional teens, ages 15 through graduating seniors, energize Driscoll Children’s Hospital all day during the summer and throughout the school year on evenings and weekends. The Volunteen Program is a great learning opportunity for mature, responsible young people.

There are a limited number of teen positions available for the summer program. The link will close once the number of applications received meets the current needs. Teens will be accepted into the program based upon interviews and their available schedules.
Due to our strict infection control and confidentiality policies, teens are placed in areas that have limited patient contact, such as:

  • Art Cart
  • Book Cart
  • Carousel Gift Shop
  • Carousel Cookie Shop
  • Cottage Shop
  • Rehab
  • Toy Room
  • Welcome Center

Teens must reapply each summer, even if you volunteered in previous summers.

Teens must complete the Summer Volunteen Program in order to be considered for a year-round position.

You will need to:

  • Be able to commit to NINE WEEKS with no more than one week planned absence (vacation, camp, etc.)
  • Begin the second week in June
  • Be able to serve a minimum of one four-hour shift per week for a minimum of 32 hours total
  • Be 15 years of age by June 1st
  • Be willing to submit to a hospital provided TB test
  • Provide a copy of your immunization records
  • Be able to write two 500 word essay
  • Have parental approval (Parents must sign application)
  • Be able to pay the Auxiliary dues of $5
  • Be able to wear a uniform of khaki pants and a Driscoll supplied t-shirt for your volunteer shift