Diabetes and your child

Diabetes is a serious disease that prevents your body from converting food into energy.  Type 2 diabetes usually occurs in adults, but is happening more often in children.  There are many factors that contribute to type 2 diabetes, such as:

  • not active enough
  • weigh more than normal
  • have other family members with type 2 diabetes
  • have high blood pressure
  • are Hispanic, African American, American Indian or Asian American

Having blood glucose (sugar) levels that are high all the time can cause a few problems.

  • make you feel sick, tired or thirsty
  • leave you without energy to play and have fun
  • give you blurry vision
  • cause you to urinate often
  • make it hard to fight infections and for wounds to heal
  • damage blood vessels in your eyes, kidneys or your heart

There are ways to manage your blood glucose and your diabetes.  You can help keep the glucose in your body at a healthy range by doing the following:

  • make healthy food choices
  • exercise and be active every day
  • take your diabetes medication
  • check your blood glucose levels

If you think your child may have diabetes, be sure to contact your healthcare professional immediately.