Aldo Vasquez, 2 year-old from Brownsville, Texas

Aldo’s parents were very excited about their first pregnancy but at only three months gestation, birth defects were detected. His parents were referred to pediatric Geneticist, Dr. Raymond Lewandowski and subsequent to a few analyses, Aldo was scheduled to be transferred to DCH immediately after his birth.

Diagnosed with Gastroschisis (where his intestines were outside his body) when he was born, the Neonatologists at DCH had to perform a procedure over a period of time to repair a defect in the abdominal wall and prevent infections. Aldo went through many surgeries, procedures, and treatments during his 9 month stay at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Nevertheless, Aldo became one of the most popular kids in the unit for his playful personality and was able to leave the NICU as a healthy child.

Today, he continues his follow up visits every three months with Driscoll’s Gastroenterologist in the DCH Harlingen clinic, and as a joyful child, Aldo enjoys playing the accordion, guitar, and loves playing soccer.