Billy, 2 year-old from Freer, Texas

Billy, “BJ,” was diagnosed with Wilm’s tumor in the summer of 2006 after his father noticed one side of his stomach was harder than the other. BJ underwent surgery to remove the tumor and a kidney, and soon after began receiving weekly outpatient chemotherapy at Driscoll Children’s Hospital.

His Pediatric Oncologist, Dr. Dragutin Loncar, Pediatric Surgeon, Dr. Stephen Almond, and DCH pediatric staff helped comfort BJ and his family during this emotional experience. Throughout his nine day stay, BJ felt like he was “home” with all of the attention he received from many at DCH.

Upon his leave, BJ’s family felt strong and experienced enough to take him back to Freer where he currently resides. BJ just recently lost his hair from the chemotherapy but it does not seem to slow him down. He is an adorable boy who is big for his young age. At home, BJ enjoys jumping and playing with his older brother and sister.