Caleb, 5 year-old from Corpus Christi, Texas

Working smarter, not harder!

Since his birth, Caleb had been a healthy normal child, but at 15 months of age his mom had to take him to see the doctor worried because he started panting like he had asthma. After a few tests and discovering that his sugar was so high, Caleb was diagnosed with Diabetes Type I. It was a tough moment for the family but at the same time they felt confident and peaceful for the superb education and wonderful support they received at Driscoll.

The staff at the Diabetes clinic was very patient with them and has helped everyone in the family to get involved with Caleb’s treatment, allowing them to manage situations through education. Caleb’s mom decided to share their experience in hope to encourage others who have tragic dilemmas and let them know that with hope and faith you can overcome anything.

Caleb now visits the clinic for three-month check-ups with the pediatric Endocrinologist and to talk to the dietitians. Currently he is playing soccer and keeps himself busy and active.