Hector, 6 year-old from Robstown, Texas

A courageous story of strength!

When Hector was 5 years old he fell off the back of a truck and had to be rushed to the closest emergency center due to paralysis in his upper extremities. From there it was determined he had to be flown by helicopter to DCH emergency and after several studies, a spinal cord injury was found.

In addition, it was discovered that he suffered from a Trickle Cell birth defect which made his recovery more difficult. Hector couldn’t move, walk, or sit up when he came to Driscoll, but thanks to the care of pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Burke, pediatric neurologist Dr. Carol DeLine, and many other healthcare experts he was able to progress very quickly.

By the second month of his stay at Driscoll, and after a lot of therapy, he was able to start walking. He worked so hard on his therapy that 2 and a half months later, on December 23rd, he was ready to go home and celebrate the holidays with his family!

Now, he is very in love with his therapists and doctors and has a laughing spirit about everything. These days, Hector is in the first grade and he loves eating pizza, chicken nuggets, and enjoys running around.