Jaime, 2 year-old from Edinburg, Texas

He’s a fighter!

Jaime has been a patient at DCH since he was a newborn. Because of a diagnosis of complex heart defects at birth, pediatric cardiovascular surgeons Dr. Mark Morales and Dr. Mark Bielefeld performed many cardiac surgeries on Jaime.

In addition to other complications, Jaime has also had a G-tube done and other abdominal surgeries by pediatric surgeon Dr. Haroon Patel. But he has really spent most of his early life in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit where pediatric intensivist Dr. Alexandre Rotta and the rest of the PICU staff managed Jaime for cardiac, ECMO, ventilation, nutrition, and a short intestine.But his most amazing recovery has been when at 15 months of age, DCH coordinated Jaime’s transfer to a Chicago hospital where he received a heart transplant.

Today, Jaime is back at home with a new heart and continues to be a patient at DCH for heart caths and GI follow ups. His parents are very grateful for all the people who have taken care of him, especially in the PICU.

Today, he continues to be a fighter, loves to play with his siblings, and enjoys playfully terrorizing the house in his walker. Jaime’s story is a miracle story that has impacted many people not only at DCH but everywhere he has been.