Jayleen, 2 year-old from Corpus Christi, Texas

Keep on walking!

Jayleen was born with Spina Bifida and had to be transferred to DCH where within an hour, pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Burke, performed a surgery to repair her spine. Her recovery took much specialized care but after 2 weeks she was able to go home to spend time with her family.

Subsequently, a couple of weeks later, she came back for a second surgery with Dr. Burke to insert a shunt that would help release her spinal fluid properly in her head as it was accumulating on one side. Her mom believes that taking this early action really made a difference in Jayleen’s development.

Working vigorously towards her recovery, Jayleen at six months came back for a 3rd surgery, this time with pediatric orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Roger Timperlake to repair a clubfoot deformity. She continues to visit her doctors at the Orthopaedics and Neurology clinic and has been doing therapy at home and DCH.

Her family feels so grateful for everything Dr. Burke and her other doctors have done because now Jayleen is able to walk without assistance, something that usually isn’t anticipated for this diagnosis.

Today, Jayleen is enjoying her walks in the park, playing with her toys, and coloring her books.