Driscoll Vaccination Hub FAQs

Driscoll Vaccination Hub FAQs


Vaccine Hub Logistics

Who can currently get a vaccine?

Right now, Driscoll vaccine clinics are focusing on children ages 5-11 years old to receive the Pfizer vaccine.


How do I sign up to get vaccinated?

For faster service you can sign up on our website www.driscollchildrens.org/covid19vaccine. If you have MyChart, you can log on to its open scheduling page.


Can I pre-register to get vaccinated?

Currently we are not pre-registering people for the vaccine. Please continue to check our website for more information and updates. 


How much does it cost?

We do not charge. It is FREE to our community.


Where is Driscoll giving out COVID-19 Vaccines?

The Driscoll vaccine clinic will be held in the auditorium of Driscoll Children’s Hospital – 3533 South Alameda Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78411.


What days and hours are you open?

The vaccine clinics will be held Thursday, November 11 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. and Thursday, November 18 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.


Which vaccine will I receive?

Right now, Pfizer is the only brand approved for children 5-11 years old.

How do I sign up for the second (2) dose?

We will automatically sign you up for the second dose on the day you receive your first dose.


Special populations and medical issues

Can my child get the COVID 19 Vaccine if they just got their flu shot?

It is recommended that your child wait at least 14 days before getting their COVID 19 vaccine. They should not get any other vaccines for at least 14 days before they get their COVID 19 vaccine.


Is there a recommended wait time after receiving the COVID vaccine before you seek other immunization?

14 days is the current recommendation.  No studies have been done with co-administered COVID vaccine and other vaccines.


Are there specific vaccines that should be avoided after the COVID vaccine?

There have been no formal studies to date with specific vaccines.  The general recommendation is to wait 14 days before getting other vaccines.


Can my child get the COVID 19 Vaccine if they have already had coronavirus?

Yes, they can still get the vaccine. However, they can wait up to 3 months after they were diagnosed with COVID 19 because they may have antibodies that will protect them for at least 3 months after they contracted the virus.


What if my child is diagnosed with COVID - 19 can they get vaccinated?

Not while they are sick with the virus and in fact they can wait up to 3 months after being diagnosed with COVID 19 because their body will make its own natural antibodies that may protect them for up to 6 months (this virus is still so novel we do not know how long you have protection against getting re-infected). Yes, they can get vaccinated for COVID 19, if they had the virus in the past. Do not come to the vaccination center if your child is currently sick with COVID or has been diagnosed within the last 14 days.


What if my child has an immunosuppressed disorder - can they get vaccinated?

Yes, they can get the vaccine, but it is good to talk to their primary care physician before making that decision. We know the vaccine is safe and efficacious but because your child is immunosuppressed, they may not receive as robust of a response as someone that is not immunocompromised. Getting the COVID 19 vaccine is a personal decision that only you can make for your child. This is not a live virus vaccine.  Those with immune-compromise should be vaccinated in hopes of preventing the real disease.  The immune response (the effectiveness) of the vaccine in the immunocompromised individual is not known.


In the news recently, they have mentioned that people with serious allergies should not get the vaccine. 

Anaphylaxis or serious allergy to the vaccine was not reported in the 43,000 dose phase III trial.  The recommendation for observation for 15 minutes post vaccination and 30 minutes for those who have had prior severe allergic reactions is to provide safe intervention should anyone experience an unanticipated reaction.


I have multiple drug allergies.  Should I take Benadryl prior to vaccination?

This is not recommended.


About the vaccine

What is an mRNA vaccine and how does it work?

Please see: cdc.gov/vaccines/covid19/hcp/mrna-vacccine-basics.html      

mRNA vaccines contain small portions of mRNA that trigger the body to make a portion of the spike protein of COVID19 which will cause antibodies to be formed that protect from future infection.


Is this a live virus vaccine?

The mRNA never enters the nucleus of the recipient’s cell and does not alter the cellular DNA.  It is not a live virus and cannot cause viral disease.


What is the rate of side effects?  What are the common side effects?

10-15% of individuals will develop minor side effects including redness, swelling, soreness at the site of the injection, vague malaise, joint pain, and headache.  No serious side effects have been recorded to date.


How effective is the vaccine?

Two doses of the vaccine have resulted in 94% protection from infection and even those that became infected had very mild disease and did not require hospitalization.


Do we have details of the efficacy and side effects of the two messenger RNA vaccines—Pfizer and Moderna?

Efficacy was shown to be more than 94% for both vaccines and nearly 100% effective for the prevention of severe disease.  Fatigue, headache and injection site pain are common but transient complaints.


Do I have to get the second dose to be protected?

Yes, to achieve the remarkable results, you have to get your second dose.


Does the second dose have to come from the same company?

Yes, you will need to get the second dose from the same company as the first.  It is a true booster.


How many people were in the phase III trials?

Pfizer/BioNtech                 43,000 included in the phase III trial.

Moderna                             More than 30,000 were included.


Are the currently available Covid Vaccines anticipated to be yearly or lifelong?

The length of protective immunity with the new vaccines is not known.  It is unclear if and when boosters will be needed or if there will be significant mutation in the virus making vaccine modifications essential.


Is the ultra-cold vaccine warmed prior to administration?

Yes, it is thawed prior to reconstitution.  Once prepared, it must be administered within a few hours.  It cannot be re-frozen.


Are you able to transmit the disease after your vaccination?

If you are one of the rare vaccine failures and contract the disease, then you could likely transmit it. 


What do we know about other brands of COVID vaccine?

We know very little as Phase III trials are still ongoing.


How many days after the second dose do we have to wait to reach the 95% effectiveness level?

The studies that have been done assessed antibody levels after 14 days.  


What if the second dose is delayed?

Delay implies you will have less protection until you get the second dose, but the second dose will still be very effective.  You do not need to start over.


Do I have to get my second dose where I got my first?

Yes.  For now, allocations of second doses are paired 1:1 with the first dose.  Get your second dose where you got your first.  Remember that it has to be the same product/brand.


Should we get an antibody test to assure our vaccine “took”?

This is not necessary.  Protection from severe disease in the Phase III trials of the current vaccine was nearly perfect.  The quantity of antibody needed to be protective is not known.