Child Passenger Safety

For a free car seat inspection or child passenger safety information, parents can call the Injury Prevention Program at Driscoll Children's Hospital, (361) 694-6700 or toll-free (866) 886-KYKS (5957).

The Injury Prevention Program trains health professionals, parents, students, emergency services, law enforcement and any other group or individual who requests education. We have a team of certified instructors to teach the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Standardized Technical Training to certify individuals in the area of child passenger safety.

Child Passenger Safety Recommendations

  • Never place a rear-facing seat in front of an airbag. Infants should ride rear facing until at least one year of age and 20 pounds. For optimal protection, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children remain rear-facing until reaching the maximum rear-facing weight limit of the child safety seat. Most child safety seats on the market today can be used rear-facing up to 30 to 35 pounds. Refer to your car seat instructions.
  • Children over one year old who weigh between 20 and 40 pounds should ride in a forward-facing child safety seat.
  • In a rear-facing seat, the harness straps should be at or below shoulders; in a forward-facing seat it should be at or above shoulders (reinforced slots).
  • Harness straps should be snug (pinch test at collarbone), flat and not twisted. Harness retainer clip should be at armpit level.
  • If a child outgrows the car seat (forward-facing to 40 lbs.) with harnesses before the age of four, parents should consider getting a car seat with harnesses that can be used to a higher weight limit.
  • Children over 40 pounds (and at least four years old) should use a belt positioning booster seat until 8-10 years of age unless they are 4'9" tall.
  • Please read the owner's manuals for your car seat and your vehicle. This will help you make sure you are using your child safety seat correctly.

The current state law requires all children younger than eight (8) years old, unless they are taller than four feet, nine inches, to be properly restrained in a child safety seat.

Child Car Seat Inspections

The Injury Prevention Program sponsors public car seat inspection events. Our certified technicians will check your car seat for free, making sure it is the appropriate seat for your child, and that it is installed properly into the automobile. We also check individual car seats by appointment at our office. Please call (361) 694-6700 to schedule an appointment.

Keep Your Kids Safe Program

Kohl's Keep Your Kids Safe program at the Injury Prevention Program - Driscoll Children's Hospital is dedicated to preventing injuries among children. Thanks to a grant from Kohl's Cares for Kids - (Kohl's Department Store), we are able to continue to raise awareness in the community on a variety of safety topics and conduct community outreach programs. It is our hope that with the great partnership with Kohl's and our multi-faceted approach in educating families on preventable injuries, it will help reduce death and injuries among children in our community.

To find out more information about KYKS please call (866) 886-5957, go to or email KYKS@driscollchildrens.vm.