Sewn Special

Sewers Needed for Surgical Caps

You can help patients at
Driscoll Children’s Hospital by creating fun surgery caps! Patients will select
and wear these caps during surgeries and take them home when they are
discharged.  When children are allowed to
make decisions like these, it helps them to cope and normalizes their hospital
stays. Choosing a fun cap gives them a chance to “be the boss” and feel
empowered before surgery.

These caps should be made from
100% cotton fabric.  The fabric can be pre-washed or not – the caps will
be washed by machines here at the hospital and sealed in bags before being used
in the OR.  If you do decide to pre-wash the fabric, it must be washed in
perfume and dye free detergent.

Fabric patterns that are most
popular include: Disney, football, baseball, puppies, kitties, horses, super
heroes, etc.  Keep in mind that there are not only young children, but
also pre-teens and teens that will be receiving the caps, so some designs can
include professional sports teams, flowers; any designs that pre-teens and teen
would like.

To create the cap, cut one circle 18 ¾” in diameter.  Make a ½” pocket around the edge, leaving an opening to insert the elastic. Cut a piece of elastic ¼” wide by 18 ½” long.  Thread the elastic through the pocket opening and secure the ends together.  Stitch the opening closed.  This creates a bouffant cap.

Please keep in mind that this
will be an ongoing need.  Your long term
support of this project will be greatly appreciated and will touch the lives of
hundreds of patients each month.

Please contact the Volunteer
Services Department at Driscoll Children’s Hospital at 361-694-5011 for more