Pediatric Residency

Make An Impact While Forging Your Path

The Driscoll Children’s Hospital Residency Program is a medium-sized pediatric residency program in South Texas. Our mission of being “devoted to expert care, education, outreach and advocacy” resonates throughout our residency program—and extends to the culture of trust and collaboration inside our own teams. As a result, our residency program is known for its diverse, inclusive and inviting environment.

The Driscoll Children’s Hospital is in Corpus Christi, Texas, overlooking the bay. Along with the benefit of sunny summers and mild winters, our hospital system is positioned to serve a large area of South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. Here, residents have the opportunity to learn from a patient population of substantial volume with an abundance of diverse and unusual pathology.

We’re excited to help you learn, and to also learn from you along the way. Welcome to Driscoll.

Why Driscoll Children’s Hospital Residency Program?

The residency program at Driscoll offers a strong mix of clinical exposure and structured academic experience. Residents practice with a good balance of autonomy and supervised clinical learning. Here, you’ll play an important role in the functions of our residency program and leave a lasting impact. Residents are able to develop skills in advocacy, quality improvement and research during their residency training. We have an excellent board pass rate and great success in matching residents into fellowship programs.

The Best and Brightest

Our residents come from all over the world, representing the most promising minds in the future of pediatric medicine. The impact of our residents reaches far beyond our hospital alone—touching the lives of families throughout our area and providing opportunities to develop new treatments, methodologies and more.