Transformational Leadership

Nursing Practice Model

The management of the patient's care includes planning and providing care, monitoring its results, modifying or completing care and coordinating follow-up to help ensure that the patient's care needs are met or referred. Multiple nursing theories are applied.

The Keys to Nursing Excellence: "The Driscoll Way"

Open, Honest Communication

Characterized by:

  • Speaking in a clear concise manner
  • Assisting team members so as to ensure safe, timely and compassionate nursing care
  • Making no assumptions
  • Practicing a culture of sensitivity and empathy
  • Using age-appropriate language
  • Involving patient and family in care

I - I acknowledge cultural diversity
C - Communicate effectively while being aware of tone, body language and facial expressions
A - Actively listening, maintaining eye contact, refrain from being judgmental
R - Respond to questions, concerns or requests in a timely manner
E - Engage patient and family, use open ended questions, ask how they would like to be addressed

Creating a Welcoming, Kind and Caring Environment

Characterized by:

  • Being personable and friendly
  • Displaying great team work
  • Smiling
  • Greeting the patient and family
  • Orienting patient and family to the floor (playroom)
  • Ensuring the room is completely set up and ready for the patient
  • Sharing with team members pertinent patient information
  • Helping guests to get to their destination

I -Introduce myself to the patient and explain my role in the patient's care
C - Consistently smile, be courteous, personable and friendly
A - Answer call lights in a timely manner, check on patient frequently in all care settings
R - Responsibility for professional appearance
E - Engage patient and family in patient care

Building Relationships Based on Trust and Respect

Characterized by:

  • Treating others with respect
  • Honoring each other's differences as individuals
  • Taking the time to follow up on requests and concerns promptly
  • Being polite

I - I always knock before entering a patient's room
C - Commit to the highest level of ethical behavior and integrity
A - Always provide choices to patients and respect those choices
R - Respect and protect my patients', families' and coworkers' privacy and dignity
E - Exercise TEAMWORK

Every Nurse Assumes Accountability

Characterized by:

  • Maintaining a safe environment through nursing practice
  • Being a team player and open to change
  • Anticipating and planning patient needs
  • Continuing professional growth and development
  • Taking responsibility for your own actions and being part of the solution

I - I follow through on my commitments
C - Commit to the care of patients "as if they were your own"
A - Assure responsibility for my continuing professional growth and development
R - Realize the importance and privilege of what we do for our kids
E - Ensure continuity of care


What We Do
The Nursing Organization is committed to providing exceptional (high-quality, cost-effective) services to maintain and enhance the state of health for the individuals we serve.

Who We Do It For
In providing exceptional healthcare services that meet or exceed the requirements of our patients and families, the Nursing Organization serves the interests of:

  • Our patients and families
  • Our colleagues
  • Our physicians
  • Our referral sources
  • Our organization
  • Our hospital