Resident Activities

Interns' Welcome Party

Before the start of each academic year, residents throw a welcome party for the new interns and their families. This marks the end of the interns' week-long orientation period and kicks off the start of their year as interns. It is attended by the program director, associate program director and faculty members, where they get a chance to meet and interact with the new members of the house staff.

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Annual Resident Retreat

In late October, residents take a break from hospital duties and go to a retreat at Camp Aranzazu, about 50 miles away from campus, and spend a weekend of fun and camaraderie with the Program Director, Associate Program Directors and Chief Residents. Families are encouraged to participate. Some of the activities done in the past include paint ball, zip line, wall climbing, with the Amazing Race concluding the event. Residents always come back feeling recharged and with a greater sense of togetherness.

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Rising Seniors Workshop

In the spring of each year, PL IIs spend a day in workshop to prepare them for their supervisory roles as Senior Residents. All aspects of being Seniors are covered to ease their transition into becoming leaders and teachers. Resource speakers are invited to this event.

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Practice Management Seminar

In the fall, PL IIs and PL IIIs attend a 2-day seminar on practice management, contracts and personal finance.

Graduation Ceremony

In June, residents attend a formal graduation ceremony held off campus. Graduating residents' families are in attendance, as well as most faculty members. This affair is planned by the graduating class and is looked forward to by all residents and attendings. Numerous awards for residents and attendings are given at that time.

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Annual Resident Research Presentation

Residents are required to complete a hypothesis driven research project and present it at the Annual Resident Research Day held in May. Residents are encouraged to submit their research to the Annual Texas Pediatric Society resident research poster competition. In the last few years, Driscoll residents' research have won many awards and been presented in scientific meetings both nationally and internationally, a testament of the program's support for scholarly activities.

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Nueces County Health Fair

Residents recently volunteered at the Nueces County Medical Society Health Fair, offering sports physicals to participants.

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Nueces County Medical Society

Residents recently attended a Nueces County Medical Society meeting.

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Christmas Party

Residents and their families celebrated the holidays during the Christmas Party.

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