Infectious Disease

Office: (361) 694-6128
Fax: (361) 694-6955

Fax information required by referring physician:

  • DCH patient referral form (script signed by PCP)
  • Insurance/Medicaid card (front and back)
  • Physician’s Notes
  • Recent X-rays
  • Recent labs/studies/notes
  • Is the patient experiencing an infection currently?
  • If Dx is recurrent infections - refer to immunologist rather than infectious diseases (Dr. Stafford, Caplin or Smith)
  • If patient is a follow up from a hospital consult, please put in the comments to request hospital chart

Patient must bring to appointment:

  • Patient must be accompanied by parent/guardian (with ID) who knows the history
  • Immunization card
  • Actual current medications and dosages
  • Insurance/Medicaid card