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  • Resident Testimonials

    Christopher Berlioz, MD Class of 2018 “Welcome to the Driscoll Family!” This phrase embodies the feeling I got when I first came to Driscoll Children’s Hospital as a third year medical student. I enjoyed my Pediatric Clerkship rotation here so much that I came back for two more … Read More
  • Published November 3, 2016


    What is prematurity? A baby born before 37 weeks of pregnancy is considered premature or born too early. The number of premature births in the U.S. is rising. Twins and other multiples are more likely to be premature than single birth babies. Other terms often used for prematurity are preterm and preemie. Many … Read More
  • Our Heroes / Miracle Stories

    David Garcia When Diana Garcia de Pena was five months pregnant, an ultrasound revealed that her baby boy’s kidneys were not developing properly. “I could not believe he had this problem,” she recalls. “All we could do was wait for him to be born and see what would … Read More
  • Published November 3, 2016

    Over-the-counter medications for infants and children

    Sver-the-counter (OTC) drugs are medications you can buy without a health care provider’s prescription. They usually come as pills, capsules, or liquids, and are sold in drugstores or supermarkets. OTC drugs have information on the bottle or box. Always read this information before using the medicine. This information tells you: How … Read More
  • Charity Care

    Financial Assistance Summary Driscoll Health System provides medical care to all patients up to the age of 20 and 364 days that are in need, regardless of their ability to pay. Driscoll Health System is a healthcare provider under the State of Texas Medicaid Program, as well as offering our … Read More
  • Published September 14, 2015

    Growth Problems

    What causes growth problems? Most growth problems are noticed when the child appears smaller than his or her classmates, or when growth lags over several month. Different causes of growth disorders include genetic conditions, hormonal disorders, poor absorption of food, or systemic diseases. These causes usually fall into one of the following categories: … Read More
  • Published November 25, 2015

    A simple way to keep the flu away

    Seasonal influenza — the flu — is caused by one of several strains of influenza viruses (type A or B) that infect the nose, throat and lungs. The flu makes life miserable for a week or two for many people — and can be deadly for some. Flu season can … Read More
  • Published November 17, 2016

    Christmas tree safety

    Christmas tree safety Live or artificial Christmas tree?  While artificial trees pose fewer safety concerns than live trees, each type comes with its own set of safety concerns. The following tips should not only help you determine which Christmas tree is best for your family, but also help you ensure your home’s … Read More
  • Billing & Financial Information

    Pay Your Bill Online Charity Medical Care Driscoll Children’s Hospital provides services on a nondiscriminatory basis and, to the extent that its resources permit, strives to serve patients regardless of their ability to pay. As part of its commitment to service our community, Driscoll … Read More