Driscoll Children's Valley Dialysis Center

Who We Are

Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi has long been the South Texas leader in pediatric kidney care, with nephrology services beginning in 1999, dialysis services beginning in 2004 and the first renal transplant in 2007. Now, your child will receive the same specialized, high-quality care right here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Our Mission

We are committed to quality care and improvement of human life. In recognition of this commitment, we strive to deliver exceptional, cost-effective healthcare to children and the community we serve.

We're Here for You Every Step of the Way

Every parent of a child who is diagnosed with kidney disease and needs dialysis has similar questions. What's the next step? How might my child feel? What will help my child cope with treatment? How will it affect our family's life?

Everyone at Driscoll Children's Valley Dialysis Center and Driscoll Children's Hospital Renal Transplant Program is devoted to providing the best care and support. We'll be your partner throughout the journey.

The Importance of Our Kidneys

Kidneys are vital organs that help keep our blood clean and chemically balanced. For children, they play an important role in growth and development.

The kidneys remove excess waste and fluid from the blood and balance basic chemicals in our bodies, such as sodium and potassium. They also produce a hormone that triggers bone marrow to make red blood cells, control blood pressure and help bones grow strong.

When the kidneys can no longer filter the blood and get rid of waste, damage to the body and other organs results. This condition is called kidney failure or End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

There is no cure for ESRD. The best treatment is a kidney transplant, the most common of organ transplants. Because a suitable kidney is not always available, many children need dialysis to help correct some of the functions lost due to ESRD until the right kidney is available from either a living or a deceased donor.

Expert Care from Driscoll Specialists

We are the regional leaders in pediatric kidney care. The same pediatric physicians and surgical team will provide expert care to your child all the way from dialysis through transplant. The clinic is staffed with board-certified pediatric nephrologists, a board-certified pediatric surgeon, a team of pediatric nurses, a dietitian, a social worker, a biomedical technician and office staff dedicated to bringing the same level of Driscoll care to the Valley that patients experience in Corpus Christi.

Our new Valley Dialysis Center is one of fewer than 300 pediatric dialysis centers in the U.S. We have an open, 4,155-square-foot clinic that includes four semi-private dialysis stations. Services include hemodialysis and nephrology plus dietary, nursing, child life and social services. This level of specialized care is rare. Now, it's available close to home for children in the Valley.

Why Driscoll is the Best Option for Your Child

Kids have different treatment needs than adults.

Our Nephrology Team is dedicated solely to providing kidney care to children. Everything here is designed specifically for children, including our state-of-the-art dialysis equipment.

It's important for children undergoing dialysis treatment to be surrounded by other children like them. With our friendly, child-focused environment and features, we keep children happy while getting them healthy.

We also provide family support. Your family can meet with social workers and dietitians for assistance on an ongoing basis.

It's easy to see how Driscoll Children's Valley Dialysis Center and Driscoll Children's Hospital Renal Transplant Program have everything children need and everything families want for their child.


We encourage parents to stay with their child while they receive dialysis or to visit as much as possible. Each patient is allowed one visitor at a time.