Since 1962 Driscoll Children’s Hospital has been providing high-quality cardiology services for children throughout South Texas.  Today those services at The Driscoll Heart Center are delivered thought state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and a team of exceptionally skilled and dedicated cardiologists who are there for every child and every family.  From diagnosis to treatment, each child has their own heart-centered treatment plan, designed specifically for them and their particular cardiac needs.  

From pre-term babies to newborns to teens, The Driscoll Heart Center’s multi-disciplinary team takes a whole-hearted approach as they treat thousands of children in South Texas annually.

“At the Driscoll Heart Center,” says Daniel McKenna, MD, Medical Director of Cardiology, “our whole team is committed to seeing and treating every child in South Texas with any type of heart issue, and we are dedicated to doing it with the greatest of care, the best and most skilled team, and the highest level of cardiac services and technology available.”

The Driscoll Heart Center cardiology team provides general pediatric cardiology services as well as electrophysiology, cardiomyopathy and cardiac catheterization.  Specific areas of service include:

  • Fetal Evaluations
  • Neonatal Evaluations
  • General Cardiology – for heart murmurs, chest pain, heart rhythm, syncope (passing out) and sports participation
  • Non-invasive imaging including trans-thoracic echocardiogram, trans-esophageal echocardiogram, cardiac MRI/MRA and high resolution CT with 3-D construction
  • Exercise testing
  • Electrophysiologic study and ablation therapy
  • Pacemaker implantation and testing
  • Interventional cardiology including balloon valvuloplasty, stent therapy, coil embolization and device closures of ASDs, VSD, and PDSAs.

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