COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

Can I get a COVID 19 vaccine at the same time as another vaccine? +

I am recovering from COVID 19. When can/should I get my COVID vaccine? +

I am immunocompromised. Should I get the COVID vaccine? +

Is the COVID vaccine safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms? +

Are there serious allergic reactions to the COVID vaccine? +

I have multiple other drug allergies. Should I take Benedryl prior to vaccination? +

What is the rate of common side effects to the vaccine? +

What is an mRNA vaccine and how does it work? +

How many doses do I need? +

Will the current vaccines give me lifelong protection? +

Are you able to transmit the disease after your vaccination? +

Should I get an antibody test to prove my vaccine “took”? +

Do I need to get the same brand of booster as my primary vaccine? +

Going forward, where should I get solid COVID-19 advice? +