Having an X-ray

Your child has been scheduled for an X-ray. Please bring your child's insurance card. Also if you have one, bring your child's Express ID Card.

What is an X-ray?

An X-ray is a special picture that helps the doctor see an area inside your body. This picture allows your doctor to learn more about your child's body. There are many reasons for taking an X-ray. Most often an X-ray is done to find out if a bone is broken and where the break is located. Another reason for taking an X-ray is to see an area of your body, such as your chest. A chest X-ray shows the size, shape and position of your heart and lungs.

Getting Ready for the Test

When you arrive at the Radiology Department one of the radiographers (the person who will be taking your x-ray) will explain to you and your child what the X-ray will be and how it will be done. Then he or she will take your child into a special room where you will see a large table. Your child may be asked to change into a gown. This is to keep buttons and zippers from showing up on your child's X-ray picture.

During the Test

The radiographer will show your child where to lie, sit or stand. He or she will move the camera so that it points to the part of your child's body that the doctor wants to examine. The camera will not hurt or touch your child. Next, the radiographer will ask your child to hold very still while he or she goes to another part of the room to take your child's picture. Your child will hear a buzz when the picture is taken. The radiographer may then show your child a different way to lie or stand and probably take another picture or two.

The test will probably take 15 to 45 minutes.

After the Test

There's a short wait while the X-rays are reviewed. Sometimes it may be necessary to take more pictures. When everything is finished, your child will be released.

The radiologist will then tell your child's doctor the results of the X-rays.

Commonly Asked Questions about X-rays

How long will the exam take?
The test will probably take 15 to 45 minutes.

When will I know the results of the exam?
The radiologist will let your doctor know the results of your child's exam. Your doctor will then discuss the results of the exam with you.

If you have any questions about the test, please ask your radiographer or doctor.