Driscoll’s Roxana Reyna honored by Nueces County

Driscoll Children’s Hospital nurse Roxana Reyna was given a resolution from the Nueces County Commissioners Court on Wednesday as a “celebration of her creativity and resourcefulness.”

Reyna, who is a skin and wound specialist, is part of the MakerNurse program because of her creative use of tape, blankets, adult wound dressings for pediatric uses and other innovations at the bedside that have positively impacted children’s lives and the lives of their parents. That creativity also earned her a trip to the White House last month to participate in the White House’s Maker Faire. Driscoll Children’s Hospital is one of just five hospitals and the only children’s hospital to be chosen as a MakerNurse Expedition site.

The County Commissioners Court proclamation, in part, read: “Be it resolved that the Nueces County Commissioners Court hereby recognizes Roxana Reyna, a 2014 Maker as selected by the President of the United States, and urges citizens of Nueces County to join the Court in congratulating Roxana Reyna for her commitment and innovative spirit that has in no doubt changed lives and will continue to positively impact the children and parents all over South Texas.”

Driscoll Children’s Hospital President and CEO Steve Woerner and assistant vice president of Patient Care Services Patricia Carr also were on hand to help Reyna receive the resolution.

“It’s an honor to accept this on behalf of all the doctors, nurses and staff at Driscoll Children’s Hospital, who continue to keep Clara Driscoll’s vision alive in offering hope and healing to the children of South Texas,” Reyna said.